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Morning Projects

I’m without doubt a morning person, no reason to hide that. I love getting up hours before I have to leave the house, even if that means dragging myself out of bed at 6! I know, kinda insane, right? But here is my defense, and it’s a pretty good one: 2 hours at home in the morning means that there is enough time for cuddles, coffee, soft boiled eggs and warm showers. And who wouldn’t want to snuggle in with this guy?


These morning rituals was one of the first things my boyfriend commented on when we started spending the night together. They might seem a bit silly, but are indeed quite defining for me. A source of great pleasure that leave me enough time in the morning to get inspired and excited about my day, and it doesn’t seem like my boy minds having breakfast in bed most days either (he’s not quite the morning person that I am).
The time before noon is by far where all my best ideas and work processes occur, where my projects develop and I’m most focused. “Morning Projects” was in fact a morning idea that turned into a morning project, both accompanied by a cup of perfectly brewed coffee. Just perfect. Not a bad way to spend a morning, if you ask me!