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Coffee Break

One street, Three favourites: Coffee, Pastry and Jane.  


Copenhagen is full of cosy little streets, great coffee and delicious pastry. All those things usually find their way into my weekends, especially when hanging out with Jane. We usually meet in Jægersborggade, choose our favourite pastries and then get our coffee, just 30 minutes down the street. We always sit outside, but this day it was particularly nice. Spring was in the air, we had a little glimpse of sunshine and they had put extra cardamom in my cinnamon bun. It’s all about the little things, right?  


Coffee Collective’s small double latte, combined with Meyers Bakery’s cinnamon buns is a total weekend winner! The buns are huge, the coffee has perfect foam, what more is there to want? I aaaaalways go for the cinnamon bun. I know I should try different things, but it’s just so good I can’t help myself! Jane usually goes for the frøsnapper, a weird kind of Danish pastry, but this time she chose a little something French (we have been talking about going to Paris together for ages, so maybe this is a little substitute):  


A perfect little raspberry macaroon that is almost as gorgeous as her! The only question is if they make them better at Ladurée. I guess we’ll just have to escape to Paris for a weekend to find out! Have a good day, it’s almost weekend and cinnamon bun time again!!