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End of Summer

The end of summer and the transition to fall is always a quite ambivalent process. You want summer to last, the sun to keep kissing your skin, being able to bike without a jacket and soak up just a little more light, but at the same time autumn is tempting you with promise of new beginnings, crisp air and gorgeous colours. This summer, I got to shoot this wonderful girl in Copenhagen and pairing the portraits with late stages of summer flowers feels like some kind of attempt to transition to the new season, like the changing between hot and cooler days that August is bringing us. 

Autumn comes with a sudden sharpness to the air, and that is what I might enjoy the most. After spending nights with little sleep because of the heat, I enjoy being a little cold. It makes me want to plan for new photo concepts now that the first sign of fall has arrived, and I’m so exited! Astrid who is featured today, will play a huge part in my plans this fall, for something a bit less traditional now that the portrait project is coming to it’s end. She is stunning, and so much fun to shoot. I really like the pictures that came out of our work together so far, and this next one just might be my favourite.

I would just like to stay drunk with summer, like the bumble bees, a little while longer. Spend a couple of more late evenings outside in the last bit of summer light, and enjoy the crisp autumn air. I won’t say that I’m ready for summer to be over yet, but I do look forward to wearing big sweaters with my jeans, find a new pair of winter shoes and roast some root vegetables. Autumn, you are (almost) welcome.