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Founders House - Startup Village

If you were to ask me what the most important thing to keep you motivated and ambitious is, I would answer that an inspiring community and a work environment, with people who understand your goals and share your mission, would do the trick. Founders House describe themselves as “a tribe of startups building companies side by side and helping each other succeed”, and having visited their gorgeous space in the heart of Copenhagen, I kinda wish that I was qualified to be invited to work there. Unfortunately, they are an invitation only coworking space for ambitious technology starups and experiences tech entrepreneurs, so I wouldn’t ever be considered. Just look at this gorgeous lounge area. I could easily live with that.

The five minds behind Founders House started up in 2011, because they felt that Copenhagen was lacking a coworking space, exclusively for talented tech entrepreneurs, and state that they are “on a non-profit mission to create the best workspace for ambitious and scalable tech startups”.  I really admire their level of ambition and ability to follow things through. The reason why I, as the non tech startup person I am, have gotten the chance to go visit them, is that my friend Chris (who is an architect and really talented & inspiring photographer) has been working for Founders House as their office manager and interior architect. They recently moved offices to Njalsgade, to this huge, industrial space and with help from Chris, they have turned it into a magnificent space with amazing details. 

They are taking part in building Startup Village, and are launching tomorrow! Founders House itself is one huge space, divided by glass walls and is decorated to perfection. In a space like this, it’s so wonderful that they have kept the industrial feel to it, yet every little detail of the space is thought out. Experiencing the space is so wonderful because there are tiny funny details hidden everywhere and it feels so well put together, like everything you see is a conscious decision to go together with the rest of the space. 

I have known Chris for years, but it wasn’t until the end of this summer, that I actually got to see his work brought to life like this, and I’m super impressed. He has this incredible eye for details, and the space is filled with funny elements that are super original and the whole thing has a really stylish, yet playful feel to it. 

Chris invited me to do a little shoot of the finished space, and we spent a hungover Saturday afternoon photographing and relaxing in their lounge area. I’m so thrilled to be invited to the Startup Village Launch tomorrow, and looking forward to some great conversation accompanied by bubbles and friends.