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Le Paradis du Marché Alimentaire

There are a couple of things that are absolutely crucial to know when you go to Paris. Like the fact that you often need your metro ticket to get out, as well as into the metro, how to spot the great restaurants (and to book a table in advance), and that you will probably curse yourself for opting for the wrong living situation if you booked a hotel. Nothing bad to say about hotels in Paris, but YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO COOK. And after seeing these two places in real life you are going to want to. If you are not into anything concerning food markets, or cooking in general, feel free to ignore me completely (your loss, just saying!). But if there is as much as a hint of a foodie inside of you, you are most likely going to want to dig into all this glorious, fresh food, take it home and cook magical dishes with it. 
This is going to be a huge post (so consider this your warning). I promise that it's almost all pictures and no talk, so just grab a cup of coffee and slowly scroll through it and enjoy the wonderful colours.

La grande épicerie a paris

The first place I want to introduce you to is an indoor food market. It's quite fancy, but not crazy expensive because they have so many different products and options ranging from cheap to insanely expensive, so there is something for everyone. You can get freshly laid eggs, two year old parmesan, Parisian rooftop honey and an absolutely overwhelming number of varieties of almost everything. I spent more than an hour in there, and only managed to decide on a total of 5 things to buy because there are so. many. varieties! I will make a little list next time so I don't get lost in the yoghurt isle again (they have more than 40 different kinds of delicious yoghurts, how can you ever be able to decide on anything?). This is definitely the place to go if you want to see the best of french produce, yet avoid the crowds you find at the outdoor markets. You can take your time and wander around the huge store, take in all the different smells and pick out what you want to take home. There is fresh meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts, cheese, wine,  a patisserie with delicate little cakes, a boulangerie and the entire store is divided in different sections so it's easy to find what you are looking for.

Located on the left bank (south of the Seine) at 38 Rue de Sèvres.



Bastille market: outdoor markets in paris

You can find gorgeous outdoors markets all over Paris, and should be your first priority when it comes to shopping for food (except that early morning baguette and croissant you'll get from your nearest boulangerie). The supermarkets are fine, but the outdoor food markets are great! You can find them all over the city, and the different markets are open on different days, so make sure to do your research in advance as there is no golden rule that will tell you what is open on what days. The market at Bastille is one of the biggest outdoor markets in Paris and has the most incredible options. Fish, meat, cheese, eggs, vegetables, fruits, bread, fresh oysters with lemon and a lot of delicious street food (mainly Lebanese, which is super delicious). Perfect to fill up your fridge for a week, get a little snack while you shop and for people watching.

Located on the right bank (north of the Seine) at Place de la Bastille. 
It is open Sundays and Thursdays and you'll want to get there early. It often closes as early as 2p.m. and you don't want to miss out on all the good stuff!

Well, now I'm hungry. And want to spend a month in this Paris to just cook and eat. 

Who wants to join?