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September Soundtrack

September is by far one of my favourite months, right up there with April and May. I think there is something truly wonderful about the months where you can really feel that the seasons are changing from winter to spring, and from summer to autumn. In September the air gets crisp and clear and cold, and it's finally appropriate to wear big knitted sweaters and wool coats. Running gets easier with the colder weather, the amount of tea I drink reach a close to ridiculous level and there is an entirely new range of vegetables that are in season. I know I'll be sick of cooking root vegetables by December, but right now I'm looking forward to slow cooked dishes and soups, as well as colder air and darker nights. The only thing about autumn and winter I really don't like is biking. Copenhagen is great, biking is great, but the wind and rain that autumn and winter brings here, basically makes the everyday life on your bike quite shitty. All winter. There are good days, but most of them have strong winds or rain. Or both. That, and the dark morning are not particularly welcome, but living in Scandinavia there is no way around it. I'm a very stubborn Norwegian, so it's not like I'm gonna take the bus or metro instead of biking on rainy days, but that doesn't mean I give up the right to complain about the weather. We were vikings, so a little bad weather is not gonna scare my away from getting my daily exercise and fresh air, right?

One thing that really tells me it's fall is that I suddenly crave jazz. Billy Holiday kind of jazz. It feels heavy and light at the same time. Lazy yet energetic, and deliciously soft. It reminds me of New York although I have never been there before, and instantly makes me want to buy tickets to Paris just so I can stroll through the city, go to museums when it's raining and drink coffee outside in the parks when it's not. Please let me know if you know anything about a cheap place to rent in Paris for a week! September and October are the golden months before winter hits us, and this soundtrack really gets me in the right mood to forget that I miss summer already. Autumn Sundays + Billy Holiday (and cinnamon buns accompanied by hot coffee and a good friend) is a pretty good reason to get happy about September. I just had a wonderful morning just like that, but now it's back to writing my master thesis, so I'll leave you with this soundtrack for a good Sunday afternoon.

Happy Sunday!