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Copenhagen Fashion Summit

Sustainability and slow fashion are expressions that have both expectations and prejudice connected to them. When we talk about this topic, it’s easy to think that sustainable fashion has only to do with organic, or sustainable materials, and that sustainable and chic cannot be combined, but the truth is very different. It’s about good craftsmanship, creating real value, and it’s about how we behave and think as consumers. It’s about the choices we make, about our relationship to the things that we own, how we treat them, and what value we give them.

Today, the world largest event on sustainability in fashion, Copenhagen Fashion Summit, takes place, and in connection with this Less Magazine has joined forces with Copenhagen think tank Sustainia. Together we have written an article focusing on the real value of clothes, and asked members of our teams to pick their favourite piece of clothing, and share their story behind it with us. You can read the whole article, with pictures and personal stories right here, and you can read mine below. I'm spending the entire day at Copenhagen Fashion Summit and I'm very excited to be a part of this whole thing and being able to contribute, through Less Magazine, to a shift in our way of thinking about sustainability. 

These shoes are a real mood booster, and when I need a little kick of confidence they are the obvious choice. They make me feel like I’m invincible, a little bit like I’m Beyoncé or something, and definitely ready to present myself in a powerful and confident way. When the sun is out they sparkle like their life depends on it, a statement piece to complete any chic outfit! I bought these gold sneakers in Paris last April, confused and heartbroken, and for me they stand for new beginnings, and daring to sometimes be a bit bold and brave.

My friends tease me because I more often than not spend a lot of time and effort on deciding what to buy. I will try on an item, go back home, and  revisit it in the store several times to make sure that I really, really want it, and that it fits perfectly with the rest of my wardrobe. I’m a firm believer in buying only what I love, and wearing what I have. I don’t have a lot of clothes, but I love what I have, and I wear it all! The most common reason for me to get rid of something is that I literally worn it to pieces and is beyond repair. 

The consumer culture that fast fashion offers with rapidly changing trends spins us into a mindset where we throw things away instead of mending them, and my belief is that we need to think of the life cycle of our garments in a different way. To truly take care of them, create relationships with what we own, and let style rule over trends. Appreciating the beauty of decay instead of craving fresh, new and perfect as the ultimate ideal.

For an article on this, and all the other gorgeous pieces and personal stories you should head over to Less Magazine, and check us out at @less_magazine for updates and new stories throughout the day today!