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Visiting Aaron in Portland for the first time, I was struck by how much the nature in Oregon resembles Norway. Our roadtrip to Indian Beach, roughly two hours north of Portland, was by far one of my favorite days of my trip. The US is so different from Europe in so many ways, and both the positive and negative aspects of this difference doesn’t seem to seize to amaze me. Driving north, we stopped at a little gas station to get something to drink (and an ice cream sandwich for me), and the entire wall behind the counter was filled with guns. For sale. Right there. Waiting for Aaron outside, this huge guy wearing not only one, but two rifles and three knives, walks in. There is something so deeply troubling and disturbing about that. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling rushing through me. My whole body felt instantly cold and uncomfortable, like it does seconds before you faint, or throw up. As we drove off, and into this gorgeous forest with tree tops closing in above us, filtrating the most beautiful sunlight, and a forest floor covered by big, green ferns I could’t help but being a bit struck by the huge contrasts. 

Driving out of the forest and into the sunlight, seeing Indian beach stretched out before us, was the perfect cure for the horrific first meeting with the American gun culture. Oregon has a really long coast line, and offer nature experiences I have never seen before. We didn’t have much time for hiking, but explored the beaches, and they were so gorgeous.

Indian Beach

Indian beach is incredibly beautiful with huge rocks scattered along the coast. They are all covered in different kinds of sea shells and underwater flowers, and the beach is known for great, big waves which makes it a highly loved spot for surfers. This might be my favorite beach. We didn't actually get to the swimming part because the water so cold, but just laying on the beach, listening to music and reading a book was more than enough. Hoping the water will be a bit better next time we go, the waves were perfect to play in.

Canon Beach

This beach is located about half an hour south of India beach, and is famous for the Haystack Rock. It’s quite incredible to see, but make sure to come at a time it won’t be filled with people. Canon beach is much more central than Indian beach, and therefore also more frequently visited. It’s situated in this little town, so if you are looking to grab some food or beers after a long day at the beach, this is perfect. 

Oneonta Falls

This short, little hike is quite an experience. Climbing over huge piles of slippery tree trunks, walking through deep, ice cold water and rocky surfaces, you make your way to this gorgeous waterfall at the end of the valley. Make sure to wear shoes that will give you a good grip when climbing over the wet tree trunks, and clothes that are suitable for collarbone deep water. I wore my workout clothes! We also had warm clothes and towels in the car for when we were done, and had a nice, hot bath when we got back. You will get cold, and wet, and most likely you will also be really excited and happy. Be careful if you bring a camera, but you are going to want to!!

If you are thinking about going to the US and want something different than the rush of Los Angeles, San Fransisco or New York, Oregon is really amazing. There is incredible food options here, great coffee, and a very laid-back and relaxed attitude. A few tips to get started on your culinary exploration:


There are two great doughnut places in Portland: Voodoo and Blue Star. They are both amazing, but in very different ways. Get both and compare, I get my fix from both every time I’m here. Voodoo is the perfect doughnut in terms of fluffiness, and will get you the authentic American doughnut experience. They have all the classical flavors, and a bunch of crazy ones. They are known for weird shapes and sizes, and a lot of strange flavors, but their simple, glazed doughnut is by far my favorite. It’s perfectly fluffy and sweet! Blue Star is known for being bit more high end, which is visible through both design and flavor combinations. They have a great collection of flavors, and offer a different kind of experience that Voodoo. 


Heart Coffee is magnificent. They open at 7am, which is amazing when you want to get an early start and get some word done, and offer great coffee. Traveling from Copenhagen, where the ideal flavor and roast is quite acidic, it’s such a death of fresh air to come to Portland, where the coffee is much more rounded, smooth and balanced. I love it, and always buy enough beans to last me until my next visit. The Stereo blend is the favorite! Try their vanilla lattewith home made vanilla bean syrup, or a cappuccino with their freshly made cashew and almond milk. 


Burgers in America are really something. They are cheap, really delicious, and made with really fresh ingredients. Little big burger is a tiny, little burger, but big on flavor! Try their cheeseburger with cheddar cheese and truffle oil fries!


If you are in the mood for ramen, dumplings, sushi and cocktails, this is the place! We went there the day after their grand opening, and it was by far one of my favorite meals in Portland this time around. 


This is great Spanish food! You can order a half or whole chicken with different sauces, or from their meny of tapas. It’s quite cheap, and offer great flavor and exciting combinations. 



Ice cream is always nice, but Salt and Straw is extra nice. Their flavors are quite untraditional, but you are allowed as many taste testes as you need to make a decision, so don’t be afraid to ask! Their ice cream shop is located in e really nice area, so make sure to go for a little walk around the neighborhood and look at the houses and gardens. Expect a line, but don’t worry, it moves fairly quickly! Salt and Straw also has a soft serve place downtown, which might be my favorite. They have more traditional flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and salted caramel, and has a huge selections of different toppings like cookie dough, Oreos and caramel. 

I also have to mention Powell’s Books! I have always loved reading, but while getting my degree it didn’t feel like I had time or energy to really do that. When visiting Portland for the first time this June, Aaron took me to Powell’s and we got lost in there for hours. Bookstores are the best, and I really regained my love for reading this summer, after visiting this one. If you are at all interested in books, Powell’s is heaven. They have a huge collection of books divided into different sections by themes and topics. They have a nice little coffee shop where you can have a little rest, or sit and work for a bit. Just don’t spill coffee on your books, like I did. I guess coffee stains just add that extra personality and memory of how you got your books. 



If you ever get a chance to go to Portland, you really should.
Exploring Oregon is quite amazing in so many different ways.


Dear Everyone, I could really use some help: I need a new job.

Preferably as soon as possible, be it in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris, London, or any other city in Europe or beyond. I’m at a point where I’m ready to leave Copenhagen if the right opportunities appear, and I really need a change. I currently have a job that pays the bills, but hurts my body and my spirit, and I need to leave!

I have a BA in Musicology, a MA in Philosophy focused on fashion and art, a long internship at The Royal Theatre behind me, and I'm the editor of written content at Less Magazine (which is not the job I want to leave). I need something that will compliment any of these elements, and I’m more than ready for a new challenge. I’ve been working in an interdisciplinary environment throughout my entire education and work experience, so I have learned to adapt quickly to new fields. Things I do: write, develop/manage projects, photo/video work, digital editing, teaching, coordinate/plan/organize stuff, social media management, online communication, research, and other academic work, etc., but I’m also open to other things! Below, you can find the most important points from my resume. Out of respect for my current employer I have left them out of the list. 

Work Experience
Editor of Written Content
Responsible for all written content in the magazine, as well as working with the creative team for editorials and visual content. Overall responsibility for every part of the process from idea to final product. 
April 2016

Freelance Writer
Mainly focused on SEO.
Nov. 2015

Coordinator, Writer & Assistant
Working with all parts of the creative process, and the back end coordination. Assisting in text work, applications, layout, production, contracts and photo shoots.
Aug. 2013

Guest Teacher in Philosophy
Five week intensive course on identity, happiness and art.
Feb.2016-March 2016

Video production from idea to finished product, including all parts of the process. Hired for a four week intensive internship.
Jan. 2016-Feb.2016

Photographer and Student Worker
Photo and video production as main responsibilities, while assisting the reception and the international department.
May 2014-Aug. 2015

Project Developer and Coordinator
Hired to develop «Ej Blot til Lyst» to premiere in the season of 14/15. Responsible for developing the project from idea, through research, booking, contact with collaborators, managing the economy, practical solutions, through to the finished product. Developed into an additional project as house photographer for The Royal Danish Ballet.
May 2014-June 2015

Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, InDesign and After Effects
Analogue and digital photography + video.
Microsoft Office.
Good language skills: fluent in English, and the Scandinavian Languages. Basic understanding of French.
Experienced in Squarespace, Wordpress, etc.

Throughout my education, internships and work experience, I have gained experience from a wide range of challenges. Working with various tasks with short deadlines, in a hectic and creative environment, with great independence and responsibility, I have learned how to keep my cool, be efficient, and achieve high quality results. I’m passionate, goal driven and ambitious, I value structure and punctuality, and I’m dedicated, and detail oriented.

Main focus on happiness, identity, art and fashion. Master’s thesis on Fashion as Personal Expressiveness, completedwith an A.
Sept. 2013-Nov. 2015

Main focus on the the relation between music and dance. Bachelor’s thesis on the choreomusical aesthetics in ballet, completed
with an A.
Sept. 2010-June 2013


Any kind of help will be highly appreciated, so don’t hesitate to
write me if you have tips on who I should reach out to.

I’m dedicated, ambitious, and hard working, and I’m equipped with a kind heart and badass baking skills = best colleague ever!

Sunday Crush - Modern Love

I have for as long as I can remember loved The New York Times, and lately I have been crushing pretty hard on Modern Love, a series of weekly reader-submitted essays that explore the joys and tribulations of love. Being single, and in the best part of my twenties, these stories are not only entertaining, but also inspirational and comforting. The Modern Love series raise questions about how social media and dating apps are changing the way we view love and commitment, our fear of intimacy, the feeling of pressure to be in a relationship when we are kind of feeling just fine being alone, the endless obsession with presenting ourselves as perfect in the dating world, how to deal with ghosting grief, breakups and loss, abstinence and sex, love addictions, being addicted to validation, and trust issues, being asexual, in an open relationship or being in a sexless marriage, how to end a relationship, getting your heart broken so severely it feels like you can’t breath, or being in love and terrified to fuck it up. The list goes on!

These essays are sweet, funny, and truly heart warming stories. They are also sad, frustrated and angry stories, and all is told from a very true and honest place. In a time where everything we grew up thinking about love is crumbling, and we are faced with questions and situations that we would never have thought that we would find ourselves in, we need to address this. Like your girlfriends seeing the guy you have been dating for three months on Tinder, getting sexually charged messages from complete strangers on Happn, or dealing with being ghosted by someone you kind of really like. My girlfriends and I talk about all these things a lot. We are single, or in relationships, and in our twenties, and the conversation that The New York Times is starting with their Modern Love series is so important. Because we are all going through these things, and having these thoughts. But we are not really talking about it as something that is a symptom of our time, but instead put the blame on ourselves, for not being enough, or for being too much.

I love how the Modern Love series is starting a conversation about all of this. And not just a superficial one, but a conversation that is coming from a very honest and vulnerable place. A place where we can talk about the change and the challenges, and learn to lean more on each other. To truly appreciate our female friendships, and making it our priority to nourish them. Because all of this dating stuff, the whole love and relationship domain is not everything. It can be rewarding and wonderful, terrifying and demotivating, and it can turn your world upside down. Daring to take the leap you can find both love and heartache, but the most important thing is that you have a soft place to land. I have some pretty amazing girls in my corner, and I hope that you do too. Pretty amazing girls, with pretty amazing brains and hearts and views. We will all figure it out, don't stress about it. Feeling confident, being surrounded by your tribe of good people, and engaging in real conversations about these issues is the way to find some sense of trust in the fact that things will all fall into place. 

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Love Sofie

Copenhagen Fashion Summit

Sustainability and slow fashion are expressions that have both expectations and prejudice connected to them. When we talk about this topic, it’s easy to think that sustainable fashion has only to do with organic, or sustainable materials, and that sustainable and chic cannot be combined, but the truth is very different. It’s about good craftsmanship, creating real value, and it’s about how we behave and think as consumers. It’s about the choices we make, about our relationship to the things that we own, how we treat them, and what value we give them.

Today, the world largest event on sustainability in fashion, Copenhagen Fashion Summit, takes place, and in connection with this Less Magazine has joined forces with Copenhagen think tank Sustainia. Together we have written an article focusing on the real value of clothes, and asked members of our teams to pick their favourite piece of clothing, and share their story behind it with us. You can read the whole article, with pictures and personal stories right here, and you can read mine below. I'm spending the entire day at Copenhagen Fashion Summit and I'm very excited to be a part of this whole thing and being able to contribute, through Less Magazine, to a shift in our way of thinking about sustainability. 

These shoes are a real mood booster, and when I need a little kick of confidence they are the obvious choice. They make me feel like I’m invincible, a little bit like I’m Beyoncé or something, and definitely ready to present myself in a powerful and confident way. When the sun is out they sparkle like their life depends on it, a statement piece to complete any chic outfit! I bought these gold sneakers in Paris last April, confused and heartbroken, and for me they stand for new beginnings, and daring to sometimes be a bit bold and brave.

My friends tease me because I more often than not spend a lot of time and effort on deciding what to buy. I will try on an item, go back home, and  revisit it in the store several times to make sure that I really, really want it, and that it fits perfectly with the rest of my wardrobe. I’m a firm believer in buying only what I love, and wearing what I have. I don’t have a lot of clothes, but I love what I have, and I wear it all! The most common reason for me to get rid of something is that I literally worn it to pieces and is beyond repair. 

The consumer culture that fast fashion offers with rapidly changing trends spins us into a mindset where we throw things away instead of mending them, and my belief is that we need to think of the life cycle of our garments in a different way. To truly take care of them, create relationships with what we own, and let style rule over trends. Appreciating the beauty of decay instead of craving fresh, new and perfect as the ultimate ideal.

For an article on this, and all the other gorgeous pieces and personal stories you should head over to Less Magazine, and check us out at @less_magazine for updates and new stories throughout the day today!